Pep’N Ched

with Megan Nash

Pep ‘n Ched with Megan Nash is a collaboration between Saskatchewan musician Megan Nash and Creative City Centre. While this started as lighthearted conversations with Megan’s Canada-wide network of musician friends about everything from favourite gas station snack foods, to what life is like as a working artist (pre-pandemic vs now) and stories from the road on every topic, it’s morphed into chats about the challenges artists face.  The laughs are still aplenty, but the conversations can get very real.  This timely podcast is now getting played in 16 countries; 109 cities around the world including 63 cities within Canada.

It is available on the National College Radio Association Exchange, which means college and community radio stations across Canada can access it as programming. In Regina, tune into CJTR 91.3 FM every Wednesday at 9 am to catch the latest episode!  Pep ‘n Ched with Megan Nash is also streaming on your favourite podcast platforms.

Season 2: Guest Profiles

Interested in learning more about a guest featured in an episode of Pep’N Ched? View our guest profiles below!

Terra Lightfoot is a Juno- and Polaris-nominated guitarist-singer-songwriter from Hamilton, Ontario. She recently marked her first decade as a recording artist with new album Consider the Speed, recorded by Grammy-winning producer Jay Newland at Memphis’ legendary Royal Studios.

3x JUNO-Award nominated Nuela Charles is an alternative/ soul singer-songwriter known for her soulful vocals and captivating stage presence, solidifying herself as a Canadian music staple. Born in Kenya, raised in Switzerland, Canada and the Bahamas before settling back in Canada, Charles’ music is infused with her multicultural upbringing, giving a fresh and diverse flare to her sound.

Skye Wallace is a Toronto-based singer-songwriter devoted to writing songs that rip and bringing you the live rock and roll show you’ve always wanted. With a sound consisting of mind-melting vocals and all-out full-volume jams while dealing out lyrics that will obliterate your heart, Wallace plans to follow up her 2019 self-titled album with a brand spanking new record and exciting tour plans for 2022.

Hailed for his angelic, inviting presence, Robert Adam is known for breaking barriers between generations.

Born and raised in the small town of Bonnyville, Alberta, Robert Adam now calls Calgary home. As a heavy duty mechanic by day and a heavy duty vocalist by night, one thing is guaranteed, Robert is the most gritty, pretty cowboy you’ve seen.

Sporting western Canada’s iconic white stetson and illuminated in rodeo crystal, Robert Adam crafts records with a reverent respect for traditional country music, while infusing an accessible, modern tone.

“Let’s Do This Again” is his first release since 2017, bringing with it brand new visuals and production, inviting the listener to the multi dimensional world Robert Adam has created for his fanbase.

Hailing from a dairy farm in the heart of Saskatchewan, folk singer Ellen Froese swiftly made her presence known in the Canadian music scene. Whether performing a folk traditional, a rock ‘n’ roll classic with her full band, or her own compositions, Froese handles it with an air of authenticity – all tempered with a healthy dose of humour and self-deprecation. The last couple years have brought main stage slots at festivals like Regina Folk Fest, and tours through Germany’s DevilDuck Records. With four albums already behind her, Froese released full band record ‘Fightin’ Words’ in November 2019.

Hailing from the rolling pastures of Mortlach- Aurora Wolfe is a visual artist, gardener, and the singer/ songwriter for the garbage-pop group Dump Babes. Her artistic and songwriting practice centers around sharing contemporary narratives and historical truths. Her latest work delves into the generational effects of Indigenous displacement with a trashy disco twist. Keep your ears peeled for Dump Babes full length album to be released in early 2022.

respectfulchild is an interdisciplinary artist born, raised, and living as an uninvited guest on Treaty 6 Territory. Rooted primarily in sound and composition with their violin, their practice openly engages with any medium that best serves their creative expression. Their work explores the quiet tensions and chaotic beauty of being a queer Chinese settler on the prairies, opening up space for intimate reflection and community dialogue.

Sydney is a registered dietitian passionate about burning diet culture to the ground. Her own struggles with disordered eating led her to the world of nutrition, and now her professional focus areas are disordered eating and eating disorders. Syd practices using a weight-inclusive approach to care, and she uses her Instagram platform (@sydthedietitian) to advocate for everything non-diet. She is also a songwriter and musician. Keep an ear open for her newest project, Dream Broker—a band started with some good friends and even better riffs.

Zann Foth is a Saskatoon based musician and food lover, a creator of smooth riffs and seared steaks. They have been playing musical instruments since childhood, singing and writing songs as a teenager, and released their debut EP Hindsight Cinema in 2020 with the help of their friend Will Quiring. Zann has a love and passion for preparing food, and has worked in a handful of kitchens in restaurants and cafes around Saskatoon. When they aren’t playing music or working, you can usually find them cooking in their yard on their prized charcoal bbq, or roasting and simmering bones for soup.

Matthew Cardinal (he/him) is an amiskwaciy (Edmonton, AB) based musician, composer, and sound designer known for his work with Polaris Short List nominee group nêhiyawak. Cardinal’s solo full-length album Asterisms was released in October 2020 on Arts & Crafts.Cardinal’s music moves from delicate, minimalist pieces to vast drones and sparkling modular synthesizer beats. He has been performing music across the country for the last 9 years in various groups, as well as doing soundtrack work in film and sound for museum installations.

Marlaena Moore confidently demands your attention with the title of her third LP: Pay Attention, Be Amazed!Indeed, Moore’s honest lyrics and crystal-clear voice are bound to amaze anyone who has paid any attention to her output since she released her first album in 2016, the aptly titled Beginner. Her latest, perhaps more understated and melancholy than her previous two (including 2016’s Gaze), once again showcases her gorgeous voice, reminiscent of indie superstars such as Mitski and Lomelda, yet unique in its soft and smooth timbre.

Ellen Doty is a jazz singer-songwriter originally from Okotoks, AB, but currently based in Edmonton. Her music incorporates everything from jazz to soul, folk, pop and indie music: a sound that is uniquely hers. Doty is signed to Canadian jazz label Alma Records as well as Tokyo label Impartmaint Records and her latest album “Come Fall” came out on Universal Music debuting at #1 on the iTunes Jazz Chart. She’s toured across Canada, in the states, and in Japan over the last few years including a feature performance at Tokyo Jazz Festival. She’s currently writing for her next full length album.

farideh (sounds like fair-a-day) is an award-winning musician. She spent 9 years performing with Rosie & the Riveters and has just released her own solo EP “Otherside of Truth”

Perhaps the most surprising thing about farideh is her sense of humour. While her music is thoughtful, serious, and multi-layered, her social media presence is full of comedic content that has you laughing out loud. Follow farideh on Tiktok or Instagram at @ilovefarideh

Just like a mask—that so-called disguise which, in fact, often reveals something profound and otherwise secret about the individual who wears it—Mo’s upcoming release “Covers” offers a glimpse into the molecular musical composition of the artist interpreting them

Kenney’s willingness to unflinchingly pursue her artistic impulses on her own terms has resulted in numerous accolades over the past decade, including a 2013 SOCAN Songwriting Prize for her song “Sucker,” a nomination for the 2016 Adult Alternative Album of the Year JUNO for In My Dreams, and too many East Coast Music Awards and Nova Scotia Music Awards to count. And despite the uncertainty of live music in 2020, the year will find Kenney exploring new and innovative ways to connect with her fans.

Cat Haines is genderqueer trans woman and dyke, and an emerging academic and artist weirdo. Cat makes strange and ritual drones as witchknife, and has recently fallen in love with painting portraits of people she is in community with. You can find her on Instagram at @cat_moondyke.

Danny Olliver is a pre-covid troubadour specializing in melodies catchy enough to make your socks wet. Originally a guitarist, Danny Olliver started putting lyrics to written melodies in 2010. Danny Olliver now has 3 albums and has toured in over 30 countries.

Kara Golemba’s guitar wrapped poetry is a blend of folk, roots and country. Her honeyed voice can be sweet and charming or powerfully raised to rattle the teacups. Golemba subtly peers beneath the surface of the quirks and foibles of shared human experiences and welcomes the listener to sit down to tea for the telling.   Kara has played stages across Western Canada and is looking towards the release of her LP “Keep These Stories Safe”

Season 1: Guest Profiles

Belle Plaine is the stage name of Melanie Berglund, a singer/songwriter raised near Fosston, SK. Belle embodies traditions of country, blues, swing and folk music, while never quite fitting squarely into one category. She’s a folk-singer, a honky-tonk front-woman, and a grizzled bandmom. Whether you saw her in your local roadhouse or singing with a symphony orchestra, you’ll witness a natural-born who embodies the heart of the prairies. Her 2018 album Malice, Mercy, Grief + Wrath earned a 2020 JUNO nomination, won Album of the Year at the 2018 Saskatchewan Music Awards, and drew accolades from Rolling Stone.

Forrest Eaglespeaker is a Blackfoot singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and storyteller from Calgary, Alberta residing in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He is the heartbeat of Canadian Roots-Rock band The North Sound. With a no holds barred approach to songwriting, Forrest’s lyrics span across haunting metaphors from everyday experiences to personal realities. In keeping true to the traditions from his home territory treaty 7, Forrest becomes a storyteller through his lyrics and musical compositions. Coming from a broken home in a rough neighbourhood that was filled with alcohol and drug abuse, Forrest is always seeking and creating opportunities to have a positive impact on the community. He has passionately dedicated his life to working with vulnerable populations and in both Saskatchewan and Alberta. As Forrest searches for ways to bring communities together and support the youth voice, he continues to work on his craft as a musician and getting his own voice heard with the hopes of one day being able to dedicate all of his time to his 2 biggest passions; youth and music.

Dana Beeler was raised in a family bluegrass band and spent her childhood at festivals and concerts. She has worked throughout many aspects of the music industry over the last 10 years putting on concerts, festivals and events of all sizes bringing her passion and dedication to the Nova Scotia Music scene.

As a musician, Dana has moved from an emerging solo artist to fronting one of Halifax’s hottest rock bands, Hello Delaware. In this role she has managed a number of international and national tours, booked shows, and managed the band over the last 5 years.

After four years working with Music Nova Scotia to help grow the membership and put on events for the nova scotia music community, Dana has taken on the role of Operations Director at CKDU 88.1 FM in Halifax.

The moniker of Halifax based songwriter Daniel Walker, Owen Meany’s Batting Stance writes singularly voiced short stories describing the every day with carefully chosen adjectives, deep insight, and thoughtful perspectives.

Doubling down on grit and authenticity, Mariel Buckley has planted her flag firmly as a songwriter who’s in it for the long haul. The polished glow of mainstream music holds no appeal for this emerging Americana songwriter, and as one of Canada’s busiest touring acts, she makes no apologies for her wry perspective that has been charming listeners across North America.

Johnny 2 Fingers is the self-proclaimed “Undisputed Universal Heavyweight Champion of Rock N Roll.”
He’s the founder, guitarist, and driving force behind Johnny 2 Fingers and the Deformities, and ALSO the manager of professional wrestler/bandmate/heavyweight champion, Cannonball Kelly. A cultural pioneer in everything that has to do with WRESTLE ROCK.

With a confident voice and boundless energy, Cardinal owns a stage, connecting deeply with her audience through humour, passion and love. In 2020, Cardinal achieved one of Canada’s highest musical accolades, a JUNO Award for Indigenous Artist of the Year. She also received two Western Canadian Music Awards nominations, including Indigenous Artist of the Year and Songwriter of the Year.

Stacy Tinant is a Saskatchewan based multi-instrumentalist, known for his experimental sound-design, and his energetic, impassioned live performances. He is the singer, guitarist, and creative force behind progressive-emo project “The Moon Runners”, and performs with the Franco-Psych-Pop “Ponteix”. In some circles, he is referred to as “the snack king”, and enjoys a good bag of chips.

G.R. Gritt is a Juno Award winning, Two-Spirit, Transgender, Francophone, Anishinaabe/Métis artist. Their music serves as one of these beacons of connection for all who come near it. Welcoming yet truthful, they reclaim space through songs that show that intersectional identity is expansive and not to be divided into parts.

By exploring the emotional and cultural core of their heritage as a non-binary, queer, Indigenous artist they create new space and encourage others to do the same. G.R. Gritt pulls effortlessly from the past to create soulful futurisms with their new sound that elegantly weaves the melodies using vocals, guitar and new electronic elements. They create both intimate and anthemic music that would fit in a folk club, a dance club and anywhere in between. G.R. Gritt is currently preparing for the release of a new full-length album in the spring of 2021 on Coax Records.

Edmonton, Alberta artist VISSIA creates alt-pop music that plunges and hooks to catch and release. Whether breaking on the sand or splashing in the mud, this self-proclaimed earthy body of water writes songs as a way to observe, record and interpret her own internal paradoxes. Drawing on dance, R&B, rock and soul, VISSIA’s intuitive creative choices as a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist explore our emotional heart-spaces with unquenchable curiosity and playful awareness.

VISSIA has made high-profile appearances including the UK’s Great Escape Festival, NXNE, the Edmonton Folk Music Festival and the Canmore Folk Music Festival, sharing stages with the likes of Hawksley Workman, Jim Bryson, Matt Andersen, and Lindi Ortega.

Driven by connection and thirsty for movement, VISSIA dives into bubbly waters and emerges with a collection of pop-polished gems with the forthcoming With Pleasure (LP; April 30, 2021).

Nostalgic and familiar, Nick Faye and The Deputies play a brand of late-90’s inspired pop-rock drenched in Canadiana. The band consistently delivers high energy live performances and has become renown for their comedic and outlandish stage banter. They released their third studio full-length, “Stumbling Distance”, which was produced by Juno/Polaris award winning producer Michael Philip Wojewoda (Barenaked Ladies, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Amelia Curran) on April 17, 2018.

In recent years, Nick Faye has toured with rising Canadian stars such as Colter Wall, Megan Nash, Skye Wallace and Hello Delaware. They have also performed at a number of high profile festivals across the world including Reeperbahn Festival (DE), NXNE, (CAN), FOCUS Wales (UK), Tallinn Music Week (ES), Zandari Festa (SK), BreakOut West (CAN), Folk Alliance International (USA), CMW (CAN), JunoFest (CAN), and Regina Folk Festival (CAN).

Montreal-born Grenadian-Canadian Kaia Kater’s jazz-fueled voice and deft songcraft have garnered acclaim from NPR, CBC, Rolling Stone and No Depression. On her JUNO nominated and Polaris Music Prize long-listed album ‘Grenades’, Kaia leans into a wide array of sounds and styles in order to convey a broad range of emotions and topics, most notably her paternal ancestry.

In 2021, Kaia is taking part in the Slaight Music Residency at the Canadian Film Center and will be releasing a new single in spring. She is also working on a full length album, on track for release in 2022.

Bears in Hazenmore are an ambient alternative rock group based out of Regina, Treaty 4 Territory, Saskatchewan.

Dalton Lam plays trumpet and has a new car powered by his meat smoker.

Darnell Stewart plays guitar and Cajun gravy.

Tanner Wilhelm Hale is a drummer and tomato farmer.

Brady Frank is just your everyday vanilla soft serve ice cream cone. He also sings his little heart out.

Dana Rempel plays bass and is on a quest for the perfect chicken brine.

Kelsey Chabot is an artist and graphic designer who makes dog sculptures out of cheese.

The Faps are a beautiful trainwreck – heralded by some as the “best band in Canada” while others bemoan “you ruined my night!” Raised on punk rock in rural Saskatchewan, these two young men represent a once-vibrant youthful community that refuses to give up and continues to push the boundaries of rock music. Their latest EP “New Daft Punk” (out June 4 on Transistor 66) is 14 minutes of bizarre ideas that range from crushingly heavy to absurdly catchy, to lush tender soundscapes, and back again.

The Garrys are a trio of sisters from the coldest part of the landlocked Canadian prairies. Formed in the spring of 2015, The Garrys use layered 3-part blood harmonies, hazy sun-bleached melodies, classic lo-fi guitar tones, and syncopated surf beats to create a unique “doom-wop” sound, dripping with dark nostalgia and touched by psychedelic dread. Their music is likely to leave you with an urge to do the Watusi, bittersweet thoughts about slow-dancing with your middle school crush, or a nagging feeling that it’s not quite safe to go back into the water. ⁠