Dance Dance Isolation

with Isabella Wishlow

Welcome to Dance Dance Isolation!

Dance Dance Isolation  is a free virtual dance class hosted by local mover and shaker Isabella Wishlow. Isabella has formulated a dance class for folks of all ages and ranges of dance experience. If you like to dance and have a good time, tune into twitch Sundays at 7pm cst. You can move and groove from the comfort of your own living room, bedroom, bathroom, basement, kitchen or heated garage. And literally dance like no one is watching.
Isabella has a comfortable balance of guided improv and choreography up her sleeve. The perfect agenda for folks who like to “freestyle” and like the challenge of learning new moves. She’ll guide you through a a few warm-ups to loosen up your bones ready to learn choreography for a potential outdoor performance.
EEEK! PERFORMANCE?! Sounds scary! No need to panic, this is completely optional. You’re welcome to tune in and learn the moves just for kicks, but the opportunity to come together and perform will be there if you’d like.
Thank you to everyone who joined our past two seasons of Dance Dance Isolation! As of right now, DDI is on hold but you can keep us with everything Isabella is doing here!

Meet Isabella

Isabella was born in Winnipeg, MB and grew up in Regina and Strasbourg, SK. She started dancing in the Tower at the Conservatory of Arts in Regina when she was four and has been a student of FadaDance since she was six. She has danced in kitchens, living rooms, grassy parks, garages, basements, stages, studios and streets in Europe, Asia, Jamaica and Canada. Isabella’s dance is passionate, joyful, playful and captivating .

Isabella’s creative streak runs deep. Her full time gig is slinging hair at The Junction Creative studio located in the heart of Regina. The Junction is also home to The Woods Art Space where Isabella has artwork consistently shown in the gallery and on the main floor.

Isabella is excited to bring you Dance Dance Isolation and share her love for smoothly movin’ and groovin’ with other folks.