Bring Out Your Geeks!

with Devon Dozlaw

Bring out Your Geeks! is a podcast that explores the geeky hobbies and interests of Saskatchewan-based artists. Hosted by Devon Dozlaw (G. B. Loon), BOYG is designed to provide a more comprehensive view of artists from various disciplines by delving into the dorky things they love that get overlooked in other interviews about their work. It seeks to humanize artists, and forge community through geeking out hard.  The first season hits the airwaves April 8, with a new episode on the 8th and 23rd of each month.

Guest Profiles

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In this episode, Devon sits down with Nathan Daschuck to talk about Playstation 2 classics, collecting sneakers, and the weirdest things they have seen at punk shows.

Nathan is the vocalist in Flash Back, guitarist in Stepping Stone, and he is also a traditional tattoo flash painter. He’d normally be touring with his bands right now, but since no shows can happen, he’s been working on his Rock Band chops instead. Devon and Nathan talk about their gold standards of action platformers and horror games, they expose their views on sports games, and they brainstorm various functions of vegetables at gigs.

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In this episode Devon sits down with Geanna Dunbar to discuss animation in comics, graphic novels, cartoons and tattoos. They dig into comic favourites from Watchmen to Hellboy to Tank Girl. With a fondness for 90s cartoons, they talk about how cartoons have changed over the years. Geanna recounts the history of her Simpsons collection, and they talk about Simpsons products from Squishee machines to Simpsons video games. As an artist, Geanna also reflects on the impacts of reality TV on tattoo culture, and defends getting weird and goofy ink. Enjoy!

Geanna Dunbar is a freelance indigenous artist that works with many mixed mediums. Geanna also does body piercing and tattoos, helping people express themselves.

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