Bring Out Your Geeks!

with Devon Dozlaw

Bring out Your Geeks! is a podcast that explores the geeky hobbies and interests of Saskatchewan-based artists. Hosted by Devon Dozlaw (G. B. Loon), BOYG is designed to provide a more comprehensive view of artists from various disciplines by delving into the dorky things they love that get overlooked in other interviews about their work. It seeks to humanize artists, and forge community through geeking out hard.  The first season hits the airwaves April 8, with a new episode on the 8th and 23rd of each month.

Guest Profiles

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In this episode, Devon sits down with Nathan Daschuck to talk about Playstation 2 classics, collecting sneakers, and the weirdest things they have seen at punk shows.

Nathan is the vocalist in Flash Back, guitarist in Stepping Stone, and he is also a traditional tattoo flash painter. He’d normally be touring with his bands right now, but since no shows can happen, he’s been working on his Rock Band chops instead. Devon and Nathan talk about their gold standards of action platformers and horror games, they expose their views on sports games, and they brainstorm various functions of vegetables at gigs.

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In this episode Devon sits down with Geanna Dunbar to discuss animation in comics, graphic novels, cartoons and tattoos. They dig into comic favourites from Watchmen to Hellboy to Tank Girl. With a fondness for 90s cartoons, they talk about how cartoons have changed over the years. Geanna recounts the history of her Simpsons collection, and they talk about Simpsons products from Squishee machines to Simpsons video games. As an artist, Geanna also reflects on the impacts of reality TV on tattoo culture, and defends getting weird and goofy ink. Enjoy!

Geanna Dunbar is a freelance indigenous artist that works with many mixed mediums. Geanna also does body piercing and tattoos, helping people express themselves.

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In this episode Devon sits down with Judd Stachoski to discuss old and new science fiction, focusing on Hugo Award winners. They take a look at some of their most beloved series, and talk about some of the big names in sci-fi, highlighting some of their favourite male and female authors. They also talk about the benefits of playing collaborative board games with partners and pals. They remember some SEGA hits, and Judd opens up about some of the new products from Paperback Beverage Company, including vegetarian and vegan sauces, Cybrpunk sodas and iced teas, and various beverages from Six Poets Brewing.

Judd Stachoski is an avid sci-fi buff, ex-bartender, and part owner of Paperback Beverage Company.

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In this episode, Devon sits down with Jael Bartnik from Hit the Streets to discuss going all out for Halloween. They talk about crafting, quilting and punk rock costumes, and they gush over some of the wittiest authors in fantasy and science fiction. After highlighting some stand-out female comic book/graphic novel artists, Devon and Jael praise a wide variety of video game soundtracks across various eras of video games, and reflect on the value of playtime as adults, touching on LEGO, action figures, and various types of games.

Jael Bartnik: guitarist from Hit the Streets and expert in collecting crafty hobbies. If HGTV was a little more punk rock I guess that would be me. I love science fiction and fantasy books but give me anything non-fiction about DIY and I’ll probably read that too.

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In this episode, Devon sits down with Andrew Parry to talk about the similarities and differences between improv theatre and role-playing games. Both former Blockbuster Video Store employees, they share stories about the glory days of rental stores, and they discuss the part they played in movie and video game lovers’ lives. Andy opens up about why he loves photography, and the types of cameras that suit different projects. They explore the wonders of video games with giant worlds, and they critique offensive party games, offering up a few alternatives.

Andrew Parry is a Digital Artist, Photographer, and Improviser from Regina, Saskatchewan. He is the co-creator and former artistic director of Hitchhiker’s Improv. Andrew is an experienced improviser and performer. He enjoys the playfulness and endless possibility of improv, and loves to tell stories that combine humour, innovation, and sincerity. He is creative director at Munz Media. His photography career has taken him all over the world, including to Iceland. Andrew is excited by the opportunity to connect and share knowledge on the podcast Bring Out Your Geeks!

Some Credits Include: One Night Only; Two Chairs and a Piece of Wood (Regina Fringe 2019); An Evening with Kevin McDonald; White Rhino Presents: Colin Mochrie (Colin Mochrie Tour 2017).

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In this episode Devon sits down with Elka Scott (writer, poet, spoken word artist) to explore the world of fan fiction. Elka gives a crash course on manga, giving props to Berserk, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and more. They talk about guilty pleasure action films, and about different lenses that lend themselves to analyzing comics, movies and TV. They briefly defend the Wii, and even the Wii U, while touching on fighting games and a few other Nintendo hits. Lastly, they bond over Transformers and Planet of the Apes, embracing their flaws along with their strengths.

Elka Scott watches horror movies with the lights on and obsessively reads weird comics. They write fiction, non-fiction, fanfiction and poetry. Elka lives in snowy Saskatchewan and can be found toiling away for academia or perfecting gluten free baking when they’re not writing.

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In this episode Devon sits down with Matt Carr (musician, tinkerer and aspiring storyteller) to chat about collecting vinyl records. They discuss some reasons for the resurgence in popularity of the format, and they rattle off some of the most inventive and absurd things that artists have done with records and their packaging. They talk about making music in video games, and sampling video game sounds, and they discuss some of the freeing, and limiting aspects of electronic solo projects. Matt and Devon discuss different ways that they play old games, and they look at the ways in which comic books and comic strips lend themselves to digital formats, while reminiscing over some stand-out web cartoons from their early days exploring the internet.

Matt Carr is an artist, songwriter, musician, aspiring storyteller, and pre-service teacher. As a crucial part to his creative process, and as a means of meditation, he walks throughout the city for hours at a time as often as possible (with a guitar, when the weather permits). Matt is passionate about human rights, the environment, design, movies, sound art, and food, and he is working on untangling a very large ball of cables.

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In this episode Devon sits down with Kenton de Jong (web developer, amateur historian, travel blogger) to discuss the Final Fantasy series, and a few other Japanese role-playing games. They talk about “Regina Cemetery Tours: The Game,” a browser game created by Kenton, and he opens up about some of the history that’s included in the game. They also dive into Stephen King, and talk about some of the many film adaptations of his works. Kenton shares some drone stories, and gives Devon a glimpse into the world of coin collecting as they unexpectedly campaign for the mythical foonie.

Kenton de Jong was born in Regina, Saskatchewan. His day job is as a web developer, but his passion is history, travel, and the things that go bump in the night. You can often find him skulking around the local cemetery, talking to headstones.

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In this episode Devon sits down with Aaron Karpinka (solo musician, and member of the Karpinka Brothers) to explore 80s and 90s pop culture. They chat about everything from old cartoons like Masters of the Universe to Archie comics. Aaron and Devon compare their favourite action figures from their childhood years, and Aaron provides a glimpse into the world of collecting sports memorabilia. They return to the present to praise the Nintendo Switch a bit, and to talk about how gaming can help people decompress, and let the mind wander for a while. Pro wrestling elbow drops its way into discussions on old video games, collectible action figures, and eye-opening documentaries, and the two musicians from Regina and Saskatoon swap stories from Saskatchewan music festivals, and talk about the importance of building relationships between artists and music lovers in the province.

Aaron Karpinka is a singer songwriter from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. As one half of the Karpinka Brothers he’s released four LPs and shared that stage with everyone from John K Samson to Gordon Lightfoot. He’s also built a reputation for his unwavering positivity. His first solo LP Tender Heart was released January 2020 and was voted by Sask Music Awards voters as one of the 10 best Saskatchewan Music Albums of 2020

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In this episode Devon sits down with Leo Keiser (Mechadroid, Homo Monstrous, Oiseaux) to talk about scary entertainment and gardening. Having played a fair bit of new-school video games across various genres over the course of the pandemic, Leo highlights some gems that tell good stories and/or scare the pants off of the player in interesting ways. Devon and Leo discuss the merits of campy horror favourites, as well as Oscar-nominated horror/suspense titles. They highlight some weird merch examples of the digital age, and Leo introduces Devon to the cyclical world of gardening.

Leo Keiser (they/them) is a musician, sound-maker, and performer based in Treaty 4 Territory (Regina SK). Leo loves collaboration, loud rock music, and getting scared recreationally.

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In this episode Devon sits down with Quentin Friesen (photographer, videographer) to discuss Marvel and DC superheroes as they appear in various media. Quentin highlights some notable eras of heavy hitters like Batman and Spider-man, as well as more recent series such as Saga. Devon and Quentin share an affinity for various Star Wars video games, and they discuss some of the Star Wars TV offshoots as well. Having played a similar collection of Playstation exclusives, they discuss the storytelling potential of video games, and Quentin opens up about the way he uses photo modes in modern video games. All of this happens while Devon’s cat jumps all over them, occasionally meowing into the mic.

Quentin Friesen is a photographer and videographer working in Regina, SK, capturing the local music scene and whatever else might catch his eye. When his camera isn’t in hand you wouldn’t be surprised to find Quentin holding a video game controller, bowl of popcorn, or a graphic novel.

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