Tanisha Bassi


Growing up, I always loved being creative! Whether through writing, music, or art, I always felt the need to create something! I was a big musical theatre and improv kid growing up and it really helped me develop the skills I have today. In 2022 I received my Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Regina, and that same year I began working at Strategy Lab. When I had the opportunity to take on marketing as a career, it was the best thing ever! I get to be creative every day in so many forms and work with people who have such amazing ideas!

Tanisha is one of the facilitators for the following workshops:
– Social Media 101
– Social Media 201 (How to Post Better)
– The Ins and Outs of Figuring Out What to Post
– Capturing and Editing Photo and Video
– Creating a Campaign
– Social Media Ads
– Mastering Meta Business
– Mastering Instagram
– Mastering TikTok