Episode 4: SUKE, Gabriel Coloma, Lova Lamp & Salifya Mbasela

Co-Host SUKE

SUKE (he/him), is an alternative hip-hop/rnb artist and producer based in Regina, SK. His music addresses themes of autonomy, and relationships in all their forms. As an artist and producer, SUKE pushes conventions aside, recontextualizing sonics and themes not ordinarily championed in hip-hop/rnb today. To SUKE expression has been a way of sorting through the struggles pertinent to taking part in society; today, “it serves as more than just coping mechanism … it offers a lens by which to interpret the world” at least as he sees It.

& Gabriel Coloma

Gabriel Coloma is a multi-media artist, most notably active in the psych hip/hop trio known as ‘THINKTANK’. Adapting a creative arsenal including  lyricism, production (both musical and visual), as well as songwriting, her art focuses on the journey of self-discovery and the practice of queer subsistence in our modern archetypical landscape. The task of examining the privilege to question traditional narratives while embracing fluidity can be thought of as the relative thesis that ties Coloma’s work together, highlighting the generational gaps and the colonial implications that a second generation immigrant grapples with as they come to find who they are.

Featuring Lova Lamp

Lova Lamp is a solo artist and producer from Regina, SK. The sound of the project was developed out of years of learning to produce, record, and mix music on their own. Having grown up playing in bands within the local metal/hardcore spaces, Lova Lamp sought to explore a broader range of genres, eventually landing on an experimental indie-pop sound. After achieving their goal of releasing songs that they’ve entirely produced themselves, Lova Lamp has now been extending their efforts to working on recording projects with other artists and has had a hand in recent releases from Suke, Dog Pile, and Klovr.

& Salifya Mbasela

Salifya Mbasela is fourth year actuarial science student, hoping to merge the worlds of art and fashion together with physical sciences.  He has lived his life being in the middle,and coming from Zambia, he’s always had to merge different worlds to create something new. To a certain extent, the inspiration for his process comes from the merging of two different worlds. Salifya’s biggest influence is Virgil Abloh. Coming from an immigrant family, fulfilling duties of finishing his education in architecture and then pursuing his dreams by creating different artistic mediums such as his fashion house, Off-White and having an Art Exhibit called “Figures of Speech” at the Brooklyn Museum.