Matthew Donnelly (he/him) is a settler artist working mostly in mediums of costume and fashion, creating worlds and narratives through garments with detail and often contrasting structure and flow. He has produced collections in Regina, Toronto, Cape Cod and costumes for many New York productions in theatre, film and television. He mentored and worked with Dean Renwick Design Studio in Regina, crafting numerous collections and custom pieces. He designed and built costumes for Curtain Razors’ production ‘The Last Children,’ & Natural Sympathies’ music film ‘Porous’ and stage looks for Belle Plaine, Blake Berglund & Megan Nash. Through working with people and their bodies, this led him to explore healing arts. He recently finished studies in massage therapy and reflexology and offers treatments in his home, while continuing to design and produce custom pieces for special projects.

Instagram: @bymatthewdonnelly