Blu Beach Band is an indie rock group from Langenburg and Esterhazy Saskatchewan, made up of Carter Vosper, Remi Berthelet, Eric Vosper, and Riley Buchberger. The group began writing, recording, and producing their own music in 2019 with their debut album ‘Trail Mix’. In 2022 they released their second album titled ‘A Dog’s Breakfast’ which was nominated for Best Saskatchewan Album, followed by a summer long tour. This past summer they went on their first out-of-province tour with local artist Lova Lamp, and recently released their third studio album, “No Guff”, which was recorded at the Creative City Centre with producer Riley McLennan. They consistently play shows across Saskatchewan, and never fail to deliver a unique, high energy show. They now reside in Regina, and continue to consistently play live shows across the province with a new album already in the works.