Anastas will be facilitating the following workshop:
– Mastering YouTube

Anastas Maragos


In 2016, I started producing YouTube content solely revolving around automotive feature videos. While juggling a full time job shooting video for Strategy Lab Marketing from 2016 – 2019, I still gave a lot of attention to my own personal brand, RoyalZProduction. During my spare time, I would shoot music videos, creative cinematic videos, wedding films, fitness cinematography, and more. I would basically shoot anything I could get my hands on, at the time!
As of February 2019, RoyalZProduction became a brand that I wanted to pursue full time on my own which morphed into a lot of music videography, brand awareness, corporate video and creative cinematics. I became a jack of all trades for every niche content that would require videography services. After realizing that creative filmmaking was something I was most passionate about, It was time to take YouTube, traveling and my online part of my business more seriously.
My YouTube channel rapidly grew from 4000 subscribers and 100,000 views to over 60,000 subscribers and 8+ million views through my behind the scenes vlog videos where I take filmmakers behind the scenes on my music video and fitness video sets to help educate and inspire filmmakers all around the world. Because of my YouTube channel becoming such a positive hub for filmmakers to learn and interact with me in the comment section, this lead to me meeting filmmakers all around the world (Note-able areas such as Los Angeles, Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto) where I’ve collaborated with filmmakers on music video and creative filmmaking sets. I have also taken to market an online music video course, Learn Freelance Filmmaking that includes over 140 music video lessons, exclusive discount codes for students who enroll, and selling it at an affordable price to help beginner filmmakers jump the music video shooting, pre-production and editing learning curve.
To this day you can see me professionally capturing moments through videos and photos from music videos to creative content, business-corporate, fitness, and more. My passion for filmmaking can be seen through my work and I desire to deliver nothing but my best!