Addy Maldonado is a self- taught visual artist born and raised in Orizaba, Veracruz México. In 2012, Addy moved to Regina, Saskatchewan where she now resides. Her connections with her roots and the love she feels for her native country motivated her to begin experimenting with colors and textures. She creates art using different mediums such as acrylic paintings, watercolors, crocheting and more recently, beading. She defines her work as Mexican Folk Art (art from the heart); the art of ordinary folk to express a cultural identity. Memories of her childhood living with her grandparents in a small town in Mexico and her love for animals and nature are also a source of inspiration for Addy. She often allows her creativity to take her to explore new mediums. Living on the prairies has also opened a new window of ideas and more inspiration to create art. Addy hopes that her colorful artwork offers some kind of healing and comforts somebody else as it has for her.